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How to connect Stripe with Toggle
How to connect Stripe with Toggle
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1. Getting started

  1. Log in to Toggle

  2. From the sidebar, click on Settings > Payment Settings

  3. Click the blue button saying "Connect with Stripe"

  4. When the modal pops up click "Connect with Stripe" again

You’ll be taken to a Stripe page where you can connect your Stripe account to Toggle.

2a. If you already have a Stripe account...

If you already have an existing Stripe account or signed up for one previously, you can sign in to connect Toggle to Stripe by clicking Sign In, like shown below.

Once signed in, click the Connect My Stripe Account button, like shown below.

You’ll then be redirected back to Toggle and you’ll now see your Stripe account has successfully been connected.

Once all complete, your Toggle Payment Setting's page will show up in green saying 'Connected with Stripe'. 

2b. If you don't have a Stripe account yet...

If you don’t yet have a Stripe account, you can go ahead and create one right now.

Once you’ve clicked through from Toggle to connect your Stripe account, you’ll see there is a form to complete to create a new Stripe account:

Complete the form to create your new Stripe account.

Once complete, you’ll be redirected back to Toggle and you’ll see your new Stripe account is now connected to Toggle.

Recommended settings

Within Stripe, we recommend ensuring that postcode/zip verification is turned on.

To do this go to Settings > Radar > Rules

And check that the "Block if postcode verification fails" rule is enabled, like this:

Any help or questions please get in touch on

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