Why connect your EPOS?

Connecting your EPOS will allow you redeem Toggle gift cards on site. A customer will be able to present a gift card and your staff will be able to swipe it through or key in the 19 digit number to redeem it (partial or full).

Additionally, it a customer wants to buy a gift card while they are on site, you can sell a Toggle gift card through your EPOS.

Is your EPOS provider supported?

Toggle currently integrates with:

If your provider isn’t listed above, contact our sales team.

Getting connected

To get Toggle connected to your EPOS, get in touch with our support team. If you have an account manager at your EPOS provider, loop them into the conversation too and we’ll help you get set up.

Configuring your sites

One important thing you’ll need to to is configure your sites and set up your EPOS site references so that Toggle knows which site is which when our systems are talking to each other via the Toggle APIs.

Make sure you have your sites configured in the Toggle dashboard under Account > Subscription.

Use the Site Reference field for your own site ID (if you have them) and use the EPOS site reference for your EPOS site references.

Not sure how to find your EPOS site references? The best way is to get in touch with your EPOS account manager and ask them to provide a list of all your site references so that you can transpose them to your Toggle account. 

Once you have your Toggle sites mapped to your EPOS sites, you’ll be able to view and report on where cards are being redeemed and sold, site by site.

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