Why connect your EPOS?

Connecting your EPOS will allow you to redeem Toggle gift cards on site. A customer will be able to present a gift card and your staff will be able to swipe it through, scan the QR code, or key in the 19 digit number to redeem it (partial or full).

Additionally, if a customer wants to buy a gift card while they are on site, you can sell a Toggle gift card through your EPOS.

What EPOS providers does Toggle currently integrate with?

It's a growing list, but if your provider isn’t listed above, get in contact with our support team (support@usetoggle.com).

Getting connected

To get started, get in touch with your EPOS Account Manager directly (or their general support team) and ask them for your EPOS site references and site names. Loop in Toggle support so we can provide your EPOS provider with Toggle's APIs that they'll need to get the integration working.

Step 1: Adding sites

The next thing to do is add in the site names and references where you'll be redeeming your gift cards. There's a few reasons why adding your sites in is important - why set up sites in Toggle?

To do this:

  • Go to Settings > Site settings.

  • Click Add site

  • Enter Site name and Site reference

  • Click Add

What should the site name be? Usually this can simply be the town or city the venue is located, and the street name as well if it makes identification easier in your reporting. Some EPOS providers have specific names you can use, however.

What should the site reference be? Use your own internal site ID (if you have them). Or ask your EPOS account manager if they have site references you need to use. If there's no site reference numbers to use, just enter in any number (you can always go back and edit this later).

Step 2: Adding EPOS site references

Now your sites have been added, you can add the specific EPOS site references onto your Toggle account.

To do this:

  • Go to Settings > Integrations

  • Select your EPOS provider

  • Click on the 'Epos site reference' field

  • Type in EPOS reference and Save

How do I get my EPOS site reference(s)? This is something you can get from your EPOS Account Manager - get in touch with them and they can let you know.

Integrating multiple 3rd party platforms

If you're using different EPOS providers in different venues, or you use a click and collect platform that Toggle's integrated with for example, you can also enter the EPOS site references on their respective sections on the Integrations page.

Need any help getting this set up? Contact our support team - support@usetoggle.com

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