Why has a customer not received an email?

The email could be in their junk/spam folder

The most common reason for a customer not receiving their email is that it has gone to their spam/junk mail folder, so make sure you ask them to check in there first.

Delivery times can vary

Most gift card emails will be delivered within a few minutes from when they are ordered, but this isn’t always the case. Delivery time can vary according to the time of day, the amount of other emails going out and the specific email providers that your recipients are using.

If the card has only just been ordered, you could ask the customer to wait a little longer in case it was taking a bit longer to come through.

Email typos

The purchaser could have mistyped their recipient’s email address. Ask them to confirm what address it should have gone to and then check what email is showing under the Card Details screen.

It happens. Typos in email addresses.

Corporate firewalls

If the recipient’s email address is a corporate/company one, it’s possible their company firewall has blocked it. The recipient won’t be able to find it in their spam and will never know it has been blocked. If this has happened, the quickest solution is to ask the customer if they have an alternative email address it could be sent to.


So in summary, here are the things you should do if a customer has been in touch with a problem receiving an email:

  1. Check with the customer that the email address typed definitely had no typos.
  2. If that's OK, make sure spam/junk mail folder has been checked.
  3. If that doesn't help (sometimes people do get confused by junk/spam), resend the email.
  4. If that also doesn't help, ask if there is an alternative email address to send it to.
  5. And if that also doesn't work, you could send the digital card to your own address and then forward it on, as a last resort (sometimes mail from your own email might get into their inbox, while ours might not).

Resending emails

Resending the digital card

If you need to resend a copy of the digital card, locate the card and use the 'Send digital copy' button.

Type in the email address that you want to send a copy of the card to and hit Send email.

A copy of the digital card email will be resent to the email address you specified.

This function doesn’t cancel the card, just sends a copy of the email containing the unique gift card code.

Resending the receipt email

If a purchaser needs a copy of their receipt email, you can also resend this from the Toggle dashboard. 

Firstly, locate the relevant order and then click on Resend receipt email.

If you need to correct the email address of the purchaser (typos!), make sure you update it first before resending.

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