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Resending a gift email and/or receipt email
Resending a gift email and/or receipt email

How to resend a customer their gift email and/or receipt email, and also some reasons why these emails weren't received initially.

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Before resending a gift or receipt email to a customer, it's worth asking them to check their spam folder for the email(s).

If the email(s) aren't in their spam folder you can resend them their gift or receipt email using the instructions below.

How to resend a digital gift card:

  1. Search for the customer's card on the Purchases > Cards page

  2. Click onto the card

  3. Click on the 'Send digital copy' button

  4. Type or paste in the customers email and press send (this could be the same email address that was originally used that'll hopefully now land in their inbox, or you could use a different email address to send the gift email to)

You can resend the gift email as many times as needed, and the email that's resent will be an exact copy of the original gift with the same unique code for redeeming it. If the gift has already been partially / fully redeemed at the time of resending it, the latest balance of that card will also show on the email.

How to resend a digital gift card that's been set to a scheduled delivery date:

If you have allowed the option for your customers to set a future date for their digital gift card at the online checkout and they ask for this date to be edited, there's not currently a way to edit it.

The best thing to do is either:

  1. Cancel the order on Toggle

  2. Issue a refund via your payment gateway

  3. Ask the customer to re-purchase online

Or, you could cancel the order and issue a new, free of charge voucher from your dashboard to the customer, and then they can forward that voucher to the intended recipient on the date they want them to get it.

How to resend a receipt email:

  1. Search for the customer's order on the Purchases > Orders page

  2. Click onto the order

  3. Click the 'Resend receipt email' button (this will instantly resend the receipt email)

NB: If the receipt email was incorrect, you'll need to edit the customer's email address before resending their receipt email. To do this, click on the blue edit icon next to their email address, make the necessary changes, and then click the green tick icon to save.

Why did the customer not receive their gift and/or receipt email?

The two most common reasons is the email landing in the spam folder or the email address being used was incorrect. But there are some other possible reasons:

Delivery times can vary. Most gift card emails will be delivered within a few minutes from when they are ordered, but this isn’t always the case. Delivery time can vary according to the time of day, the amount of other emails going out and the specific email providers that your recipients are using.

Corporate firewalls. If the recipient’s email address is a corporate/company one, it’s possible their company firewall has blocked it. The recipient won’t be able to find it in their spam and will never know it has been blocked. If this has happened, the quickest solution is to ask the customer if they have an alternative email address it could be sent to.

Emails are turned off. Toggle has the ability to turn the sending of emails off. This scenario usually arises if you wish to trigger your own emails in your own email platform/CRM using our web hooks. If you aren't receiving emails, consider whether Toggle is actually supposed to send any, and if not, the problem may lie in your own CRM.

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