The Toggle dashboard allows you to create a Free of Charge (FOC) order or cards. This feature is useful if you need to, for example, issue a gratuity card to a customer, create a batch of free cards for a promotion, or use it for an internal staff reward scheme.

Creating an order

  1. Navigate to the Orders page in the Toggle dashboard.

  2. Click on Create new.

3. Select the gift, gift value (this is set if you select an experience), and how many of them you would like to create. You can opt to send the card via email or queue it for physical card fulfilment, just like a normal shop order.  

4. Enter a note or an internal reference to explain the reason for the FOC order. This is useful for you to refer back to later for any auditing reasons. The customer won't see this.

5. You’ll be shown an order summary including the discounted value of the order. Click Add delivery to continue.

6. You’ll now be presented a screen to add the delivery information;

  • If you opted to create a digital card (email delivery), you’ll be given a prompt of which email address you’d like the digital card(s) sending to.

  • If you opted to create a physical card order, you’ll be prompted to enter a postal address to associate with the order. If you are going to hand it over in person, just enter the postal address of your company.

7. Now click Create order.

8. The order will be created.

  • For digital card orders, the card(s) will be sent via email to the email address you specified. It'll show up on the Orders page as with any other order, but it doesn't require any action.

  • For physical card orders, you’ll see the order you created as Pending on the Orders screen. From here you can fulfil the order as normal.

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