Getting started

If you already sell gift cards but want to make the switch to Toggle, we have a migration tool called Toggle Switch. This will allow you to:

  • Import all your current gift cards and their balances to Toggle

  • Continue to sell your existing unused physical gift cards without having to throw them all away and print new ones

If you want to migrate to Toggle, our onboarding team will manage the process for you. 

Here’s how it will work.


  1. All active ‘in-use’ cards on your current platform will be migrated to Toggle, so customer experience is seamless.

  2. All unsold ‘blank’ physical cards will also be migrated to Toggle so you don’t need to print any new ones (if indeed, you have any 'unsold stock').

  3. Your web shop URL will be migrated to Toggle.

Your cards

  • When we migrate an ‘in-use’ card from your old provider to Toggle, the old Gift Card number will become an ‘alias’ of a new card number on Toggle. However, this will be seamless for a customer and they won’t be aware of any difference.

  • The new card in Toggle will show a single inbound balance transfer. Your previous provider will need to zero out or deactivate the old cards.

  • Customer details associated with each card will be migrated along with each card (if you have them).

  • If you have unsold 'blank' physical cards (e.g. no balance on them yet), you can also provide a list of these to us to import to Toggle so they can be sold to customers via Toggle.

Your web shop

If you have a current web shop (e.g. you can point this to your new Toggle web shop. You or your web developer will need to change the 'A record' for your gift card shop subdomain to

If you haven’t already, you can sign up for a Toggle account at and skin and configure your web shop ready for migration day. Toggle automatically gives you a temporary domain on sign-up so that you can get everything ready before switching your 'A record'.

Import format

‘In-use’ active cards

To import active cards to Toggle, your old provider will need to provide an export of cards as a CSV. The headers of the CSV should be:

  • balance (in pence)

  • purchaser_email  (if available)

  • purchaser_name  (if available)

  • recipient_email  (if available)

  • recipient_name  (if available)

  • card_ref_part_1 *

  • card_ref_part_2

  • pin_number  **  (if available)

  • expiry_date ***

  • notes (if available)

*Split your card number across two fields. This is because Excel mis-formats 16+ digit numbers and it can lead to errors.

** A card PIN number allows gift card recipients to check their card balance or register a card to their email address.

*** Optionally, if you instead want to expire the cards after a number of days from the last top-up, instead provide the date of the last top-up in a expiry_time_start_date field and tell us the number of days/months that cards should expire after.

Here's an example of an import we ran where there were no customer details and simply some card numbers, balances and expiry dates to import:

IMPORTANT: Once your export has run, your old provider will need to prevent any further transactions taking place on active cards, otherwise balances could change from the point of your export taking place and them being imported to Toggle. We recommend a 2-3 hour downtime window where your old platform is switched off while Toggle is configured with your imported cards.

Unsold ‘blank’ cards

To import unsold ‘blank’ cards to Toggle, provide a CSV export with the following fields:

  • card_reference

  • pin_number


30 days prior to migration: getting ready

  1. Confirm a migration date and time with us and your old provider. 

  2. Ensure your new Toggle webshop is skinned and set up and ready to go for the migration.

  3. Ensure your EPOS provider is briefed to get set up for redemptions and sales.

We recommend getting a call set up between yourselves, our onboarding team, your old provider and your EPOS company so we can talk through the migration.

15 days prior to migration: test ‘dry run’

We highly recommend doing a small sample import and ‘dry run’ prior to migration day. It will help check for issues and give you an opportunity to document any operational changes needed for your team.

  1. Get a sample export of current ‘in-use’ gift cards (test ones) and, if applicable, any unsold ‘blank’ cards you want to continue to use on Toggle.

  2. Your old provider zeros out the test active ‘in-use’ card balances or otherwise deactivates them.

  3. We’ll import them to a test Toggle account.

  4. We’ll provide a checksum of the total balance we’ve imported so your old provider can compare to the total balance that was transferred.

  5. Ideally, if you have a test EPOS set up, it can be configured to link to the test Toggle account and you can test a redemption of an imported card to ensure everything works as expected.

On migration day

  1. For your web developer: point your web shop URL at the new Toggle IP address.

  2. For your old provider: Switch off the platform so no new transactions can take place while the migration takes place.

  3. For your old provider: provide an export of current cards and, if applicable, any ‘blank’ cards you want to continue to use on Toggle.

  4. Us: we’ll migrate the gift data and let you know when it’s ready for use

  5. You: Do a ‘smoke test’ in one of your venues to test a redemption and a sale of a gift card

Zonal prefixes

If you're using Zonal we might have to add a prefix to the start of your voucher codes in order for them to be recognised on the till during a redemption. This is something we can check with your account manager at Zonal, if applicable. This prefix can be anything you want such as "toggle" or your brand name.

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