Personal messages in gift cards

Toggle allows your customers to specify personal messages in their gift cards. Here’s what you need to know.

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Personal messages in digital gift cards

When a customer purchases a card from your web shop, they’ll be able to specify a personal message to include in their gift card. 

This will show on their digital gift card and appear at the top of the email, like this:

Choose the personal message length

Scroll down to the bottom of your product page and here you'll see an option to change the character limit and the number of lines available.

Personal messages in physical gift cards

You also have the option of allowing customers to write a message in their physical gift cards. This will require you to have some way of getting the message into the gift cards before you post out your orders. For example, a space in a presentation pack where you can manually transpose in the customers message by hand or print out a label.

You can turn the feature to allow personal messages to be added for physical gift cards on or off in your Toggle Dashboard. Go to Settings > General and turn this feature on or off here. Remember to click Save once you’ve made the change.

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