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Getting started with Toggle POS Mode
Getting started with Toggle POS Mode

Set up Toggle POS Mode and redeem gift cards without a till integration

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Toggle POS Mode allows you to sell and redeem gift cards without a till integration. It's designed with your tablet POS in mind. You'll be able to easily flick between your POS and Toggle POS Mode when you have a customer who wants to buy or redeem a gift card. So, here's how to get started:

1. If you've signed up to Toggle and want to use Toggle POS Mode (this will be the case if your tills don't integrate with us), then let us know during your onboarding or using the chat function in the bottom right hand corner of your dashboard, or on

2. Add your sites, even if you just have 1, as you'll need to choose the site when in POS mode. To do this, go to settings > site settings, on your Toggle dashboard. Add a site with a site reference that makes sense to you.

3. Your PIN number to log in is found on your Toggle dashboard on the Settings > General page. The PIN is the same for all users on your account.

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4. Head to and log in using your normal Toggle account details.

5. The first thing you'll see is the Switch Sites page. Toggle POS Mode always operates within the context of a specific site. If you have multiple sites within a brand, you can use the same log in and PIN number across all your devices at the same time - just make sure Toggle POS Mode in each of your sites is set to the correct site. You can change this at any time by heading back to the page from the navigation menu. 

6. Add Toggle POS Mode to your tablet home screen. This is really important as it'll allow you to access Toggle POS Mode quickly, just like any other app, when you have a customer who wants to redeem a card. If you don't know how to add websites to your home screen on your device, check out this article.

And you're done! Easy. Now what? Tap the navigation icon on the left to see what you can do with Toggle POS Mode. Head Home to redeem your first gift card, to Redemptions to find out how much has been redeemed over any date range, or you can Switch Sites that Toggle POS Mode is in.

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