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Redeeming a gift with Toggle POS Mode

How to fully or partially redeem a gift or experience using Toggle POS Mode

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By now, you should have Toggle POS Mode saved to your home screen on your device. If it's not yet on your home screen, read here to find out how to do it.

When a customer comes in with a gift card and wants to redeem, open up Toggle POS Mode from your home screen, or go to

Stick in your PIN number. If you've not been on in a while, you may have to log in.

This is an important security feature for you. If you've not yet got a PIN number for Toggle POS Mode, contact us and we'll send you one.

If you've already set Toggle POS Mode to a location, you'll see the home screen below. Tap Redeem a gift.

You'll be asked to input the customer's gift unique code. They might have the code on an email on their phone, written down, printed out or on a physical card if you do those. Tap in the box and type it in.

Tap the next arrow. You'll see a screen that tells you what product it is, and the current balance on the card.

Type in the amount they wish to redeem, or you can tap Or redeem full amount if they want to redeem the whole thing (particularly useful for experiences). Click the next arrow.

You'll then see a screen that summarises the redemption and how much value will remain on the card. If you want to change something, click the back arrow. If it's all good, tap Confirm redemption to finalise it.

You'll then be shown a Success screen, with a couple of things to that you must remember to do.

  1. Hand back the card if it's physical. Well, and if it's digital, you probably shouldn't keep their phone! This is good practice as they may well still have value on their card. 

  2. Match the redemption on your POS. You must go to your POS, take off the amount redeemed off their order, and complete the transaction with the customer.

  3. Tap Finish to send Toggle POS Mode back to the home screen

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