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Viewing redemptions in Toggle POS Mode
Viewing redemptions in Toggle POS Mode

How to view total redemptions over a given date range in Toggle POS Mode

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To see your redemptions, tap the side navigation, and click Redemptions.

Changing the redemption total range

You'll notice that the date and time range defaults to the current day. This is so that, when you cash up at the end of the day, the number you need to balance the books is right there straight away.

If you want to change the range of your redemption total, tap inside each of the boxes that show the date and time.

Select the date and times you want, and tap the tick to confirm. 

The total figure will automatically update.

Changing the unit your redemption total is from

If you've got multiple locations, you may want to see the redemption totals for each one. Toggle POS Mode operates within the context of one of your locations, so the total you see will be just for the location Toggle POS Mode is currently set to. 

You can tell the location it is set to at all times by look at the top right of the screen. To change the location, tap the side navigation and click Switch Sites. Switch to the site you want to look at, and head back to Redemptions.

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