Getting started with Toggle

So you’ve signed up with Toggle. Now what?

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First steps

When you first open up Toggle, you may be wondering where to start. Here is a handy checklist.

Ready to take a look at how your web shop looks? Follow the link from your dashboard to take a peek:

Taking payments online

Before you can sell anything in your web shop, you need to connect a payment gateway;

  1. Connect a payment provider (further for reading for Stripe here and Trust Payments here)

Stripe is the easiest to get started with if you have not taken payments online before, but Toggle also supports Trust Payments.

Customise your emails

Toggle sends various emails to your customers. We recommend tweaking and customising them to align them with your brand.

  1. Customise your digital gift card email (received by anyone who has been purchased a digital gift)

  2. Customise the purchase receipt email (received by those purchasing a gift)

There are also dispatch notification emails and expiry emails that you can configure, but if you’re just getting started you can come back to those.

The small print

Toggle allows you to link to your ‘small print’ (T&Cs and Privacy Policy). You can come back to this while you’re testing Toggle, but don’t leave it too long. We've written a guide on writing your T&Cs and Privacy Policy to help you get started.

You can also collect marketing consent so that your purchasers and recipients have the option of opting in for further marketing from you. You can also come back to this later if you just want to crack on without asking for marketing ‘opt-in’ for now.

Getting ready on site

At this point you’ll be able to sell gift cards online. But what happens when a customer walks in with a card to redeem? If you use a partner EPOS, you can redeem directly through your tills (drop us an email to get going). But if you want to get started redeeming today, you can use Toggle POS mode on a tablet device (iPad or Android).

  1. Make sure you've set up your sites in Toggle

  2. Head to on a tablet in your venue/site

  3. Save POS Mode to your home screen so that you / your staff can get to it quickly

  4. Drop a message to and we’ll send you a PIN code

Trial run

Ready to give the whole thing a trial run? Here’s what we recommend…

  1. Redeem the card in POS Mode (or in your till integration if you have one)

  2. Take a look at the card in your Toggle dashboard so that you can see the redemption history

You’re all set!

You should now have a fully functioning webshop and the ability to redeem cards in venue.

Of course, there’s way more to Toggle, including an Overview Dashboard, the ability to sell physical cards, data exports, multi-location set-up, campaign tracking and lots more. Overwhelmed? Drop us a message at!

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