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Ready to start using Toggle on Access EPOS? Let us walk you through the Access POSLink interface…

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We’ve put together a guide with Access on how to use Toggle through your EPOS. Note that the screengrabs below are just a guide; your own Access setup might look a little different to these.

Getting Started

Please liaise with your Access Group Account Manager to arrange setup of Toggle on your EPOS. Alternatively, if you manage your own installation, we have a guide here.

Once the configuration has been completed you will see 3 additional buttons appear, the location and appearance of these buttons are likely to differ from the examples included below.

Function Bar Keyboard

  • Gift Card Balance Enquiry

  • Issue / Top Up Gift Card

Payment Keyboard

  • Gift Card Redeem

Issuing / Topping up a card

1 - To issue or top up a card use the ‘Issue/Top Up Gift Card’ button as shown.

2 - When the ‘Issue/Top Up Gift Card’ button has been pressed, the user will be prompted to enter the value that will be credited to the card. Once the amount has been entered, press the ‘OK’ button. Note that pre-defined top up denominations can be preconfigured – please speak with your Access Account Manager.

3 - The clerk will then be prompted to enter/swipe the gift card that is to be credited. If manually entering the number, please press the ‘OK’ button once entered to confirm.

4 - The gift card sale will be added as a row to the transaction, as shown below. Other items can be added to the transaction at this point if required.

5 - To complete the sale, go to the payment screen and finalise the transaction as normal. On completion of the transaction, a gift card receipt will be produced.

Checking a card balance

If a customer needs to check their current card balance, this can also be done through the till. To do this, use the Gift Card Balance button.

1 - Once the button has been pressed the Operator will be prompted to either swipe the card or manually enter the card number.

2 - The balance will be displayed on the screen:

3 - And a receipt showing the balance will print:

Paying a bill / redeeming a gift card

To pay a bill using a gift card the user will use the 'Gift Card Redeem' button.

1 - Once this button has been pressed the Operator will be prompted to either swipe the card or manually enter the card number.

2 - The POS will automatically try and use the full gift card balance (unless an amount has been specified prior to pressing the gift card redeem button or the media is configured to prompt for an amount)

If the amount to be redeemed is greater than the available balance the following prompt will appear. At this point you can cancel or use the remaining card balance. 

3 - If there is any remaining balance on the transaction, this should be settled as usual using another payment method and a receipt will print in the usual manner, showing the gift card payment portion on the receipt:

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