Toggle works within the context of your physical sites (locations). Many of its functions and features rely on having information about all your locations. Making sure Toggle knows which sites you have is easy to do.

Why does Toggle need to know your sites?


Toggle needs to know your physical sites because each redemption is linked to a site. This is true if we are integrated with your till, as well as if you are a Toggle POS Mode user.

In store sales (EPOS integrated users only)

In the same way that redemptions are linked with a site, gift card sales and top ups (for till integrated customers only) are also linked with a site.


All of the above information ties into reporting. You'll be able to run reports that tell you about the redemptions of cards across your locations. Really handy stuff.

Customer service

The more information you know, the better you'll be able to help people with their queries. The location of redemptions and top ups (if you're EPOS integrated) all get logged against a card transaction history. You'll be able to see where and when a card has been used.


If you're on our flat rate plan, you'll be billed in line with how many locations you have.

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