Giving your customers the option to buy a paper voucher from your webshop can really help boost sales. They're perfect for occasions where someone wants to give something tangible to a friend or relative on their birthday, at Christmas or on some other special occasion.

Toggle makes setting up paper vouchers easy; in a few clicks it'll be done. But before that, let's think about the design and printing. 

What to put on your paper voucher

For the voucher to work from a customer and till usability point-of-view there are a few things you’ll need to include or make space for on your paper vouchers.

  • Space for a 19 digit unique code
  • Space for a PIN number
  • Your webshop URL (or the URL for where to register their card)
  • Space for a personal message, if you allow customers to write one (or turn them off)
  • Your terms and conditions or a URL reference to them

How to make the paper voucher

This part is really up to you, but here are a few prompts to think about:

What type of paper will you use? Plain paper? Coloured paper? Recycled thin paper or thicker paper? 

Will you pre-print the voucher templates and hand-write the remaining info when an order comes through? Or type out and print all the information in one go? 

What will the dimensions of your voucher be? Is it big enough to fit all the information on? Will you add anything to the flip-side of the voucher? 

What software will you use to create the voucher? 

Do you have a printer and enough ink? Will you need coloured ink? Do you have stamps?

Will any personal message by the customer for the recipient go on the front or back of the voucher? Or will you add it separately?

Will you want to create an additional presentation sleeve to place the voucher into? Or just put it in an envelope? 

A simple design idea made on MS Word: 

You can find useful templates on MS Word, or if you like Google "gift voucher templates" to find a wide range of options.

How to set a paper voucher option on the webshop

1. Go to Settings > Postage options and create at least one postage option. Find out more about postage options here

2.  Go to Settings > General and select 'No' to 'Use Magnetic Stripe cards?'

3. Go to Products and click onto the product(s) you want to have paper vouchers made available for on the webshop by clicking on 'Physical' on the 'Type of card available' prompt. 

Now when someone visits your webshop they'll see a postal option now available to select.

Fulfilling orders

Any new orders from your webshop for physical cards will arrive in your pending order queue on the Purchases section. You will know if a physical order has been made as there will be a blue number next to the Purchases tab and there will be blue 'Pending' prompt next to any orders that are physical.

Click onto the order and you should see the 19 digit unique number, card pin number, voucher name and value, and any personal message left by the purchaser on that order page. 

Transpose the relevant information onto your paper voucher for each order item, add a tracking number (if applicable), and click to mark each card as dispatched. Once you click 'Mark as dispatched' the purchaser will get a Dispatch email to let them know the voucher is being sent. 

And that’s it. You’re all set to sell physical cards using paper vouchers!

If you would like to try out or find out about creating pre-encoded magstripe cards, click here

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