Toggle allows your customers to enter a promotional code when they are checking out and making payment. This allows customers to receive discounts or added value if they are in receipt of a code. 

This gives you the power to do some pretty cool stuff. Black Friday? Discount for your database? Flash sale? January slump-buster campaign? Read on for more.

Getting started

1 - To add your first promotional discount code, login to your Toggle dashboard and head to the Promotions tab.

2 - You’ll see a screen inviting you to add your first promotion. Click to add one.

3 - You’ll be presented with a screen to configure your first promotional code like this:

4 - Configure your campaign:

Campaign name
Give your campaign a descriptive name. This is for your internal use so you can refer back to which campaign is which.

Promotional code
Choose a promotional code. This is what customers will use when checking out. Enter whatever you like. For example: BLACKFRIDAY2020


Pick from a Discount or Added Value offer from the drop down menu. 

Discount type

Based on your selection from the Offer drop down, you can now select if you want the offer to be a discount that's reduced by a percentage or fixed value, or a value added increase by a percentage or fixed value.

Maximum uses
Enter a limit to the number of times this code can be used overall. You might want to enter a limit for a first-come-first-served campaign, or just protect your bottom line in case this campaign is, ehem, more successful than you anticipated!

If you leave the Maximum uses field blank, this will mean it's unlimited in how many times the promo code can be used (or how many times it can be used within any designated start and end date you choose). 

Start date
Enter when you want this campaign to be valid from. Leave blank if you want it to be available immediately.

End date
Enter when you want the campaign to end or leave blank to leave it open ended.

5 - Set whether this campaign is applicable to any gift or a particular gift(s):

6 - Set whether this promotion is Live or Inactive. You can configure your campaign now, set it as Inactive, and come back to set it Live when you’re ready. 

7 - Set whether to limit use to one promotional code per basket or not. 

Setting to “Yes”...
This means a code will only be applied to one item in a customer’s basket. In the case where a code is applicable to more than one gift product, the promotion is applied to the most expensive one in the basket.

Setting to “No”...
This means a code will apply to multiple items in a customer’s basket. So in the case where a code is applicable to more than one gift product, the promotion is applied to every gift in the basket.

8 - Click Save. You’re done! You can send this promotional code to your customers by email, social channels or any other means.

Editing a promotional discount

To view your current promotions and update them, head to the Promotions tab. You’ll see a list of your promotional codes:

This gives you a summary of each promotion, including the number of times each one has been used in a customer order.

To edit a promotion, click on it and you will be taken to the edit screen to update your configuration.

How a customer uses a promotional code

A customer in receipt of a promotional code can enter it during the checkout and payment process. 

On the payment screen, if your webshop has any active promotional campaigns live, the customer will be presented with a space to type in their code and apply it. This shows the amount of discount applied to the order before the customer continues to make payment.

How a customer gets their promotional code

You can state what the promo code is on your webshop home page or footer text, or on the product short description or long description

Having a promotional code also gives you a great opportunity to engage your customers on your social media channels and on any blog posts or newsletters you may do, so use the communication channels you have and tell people about the promotional code!

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