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Using Toggle with Mission POS
Using Toggle with Mission POS

Ready to start using Toggle on Mission POS? Let us walk you through the Mission interface...

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Redeeming a card

  1. To take payment using a gift card, hit the Toggle Gift Card button. This will display the Toggle Payment Screen.

2. Enter the card details (swipe the card if a magnetic stripe reader (MSR) is available and the user has a physical card) or enter the card number manually.

3. Hit the Check Balance button. This will contact Toggle to retrieve the current balance of the presented card.

PLEASE NOTE: Check Balance must always be done before any other function.

4. The balance will be displayed along with the bill amount. There are two payment buttons: 

  • Quick Pay: This will be preset to the full bill amount if the card balance exceeds the bill total.

  • Enter Amount: This allows the user to enter an amount to be redeemed from the card.

5.  Once a payment has been set, the details are verified with Toggle and the screen will close.

6. The POS will now revert back to the payment screen.

If the amount paid matches the outstanding bill total, the bill will be closed, and the final receipt printed.

Reversing a payment

Press the Reversal button in the event of an error. This can only be used to reverse the last transaction (Redemption or Top Up). 

Manager Function

All other Toggle functions are handled from the Manage function which require Manager access (depending on site security).

Refunding a payment

** Refunds against cards are only available against an existing bill and must be done via the Refund Bill option on the POS. When selecting the refund payment type, select Toggle from the list. Press the Refund button and swipe the card or manually enter the card number (if the customer is not present). The process is the same as PDQ Card or Cash refunds. 

Check Balance

Allows the POS operator to check the balance on a card without first going via the Payment screen. When checking a balance via the Manager function the option to print the balance is available.


This is a negative transaction and can be used to take funds from the card in the event that a redemption failed, or the card balance is deemed to be incorrect.

Top Up 

This is used to add funds to the card. For auditing purposes, this will create a bill payment record in the background and show the method that the funds were entered (Cash / Cheque / Credit Card etc.). 


Quick Pay and Enter Amount Pay have no function in this mode. 

Depending on the security setup on site, access to the Toggle interface from Manager may only be available to Managers or required a Manager security code to access it.

Also note that Mission POS can only be used with cards starting with the standard Toggle prefix. This means that you will not be able to import old cards to Toggle using Toggle Switch if you use this particular integration, as they will start with a different prefix to our standard one.

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