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How to create a Pay It Forward for your Toggle shop
How to create a Pay It Forward for your Toggle shop

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Quick summary

Here's the steps to create a pay it forward:

  1. Log in to your Toggle account

  2. From the sidebar, click on Shop > Products

  3. Click on 'Add'

  4. Select the 'Pay it forward' option

  5. Fill in the details (see below for more details)

  6. Press Save

Short video tutorial

About step 5: "filling in the details"

Pay It Forward name

Add a name for the pay it forward. This will show up on the Toggle shop and on the receipt email the customer gets.

Pay It Forward description

This will be displayed on the Toggle shop only (on the homepage).

Pay It Forward long description

This will be displayed on the product main page on the Toggle shop.

Webshop value options

This is the value you make available for purchase on the Toggle shop.

Add experience sub-category

To make additional purchase options click the 'add experience sub-category' and include a description for the options available at their price points.

Number available

If you want to put a limit on the number of times a pay it forward can be purchased on the Toggle shop, set a limit here. This is really only useful/needed if you want to avoid overselling - otherwise leave this blank.

Product status

This can be set to 'active' or 'inactive'. Set it to active so the product url is accessible on the Toggle shop. Set the product to inactive if you want it to be totally inaccessible and stop any sales.

Sales Tax

Pay it forward / charitable donations can incur a sales tax since they're not gift vouchers. Here you can set a sales tax so it's incorporated into your reporting automatically when someone donates to a pay it forward

Product images

Upload an image here (or images) that will display on the shop page.

What is a Pay It Forward?

It's a simple concept, and one popularised by the 2000 movie of the same name. Your customers choose to pay for your products or services, but rather than purchasing for themselves, they are “paying forward” to people on the receiving end of your nominated cause.

Toggle makes this easy as you can create a Pay It Forward product and list it on your webshop. The idea behind this feature is to allow you to sell these products without the purchaser designating a specific recipient - it just goes into your Pay It Forward ‘pot’.

How does the customer "Pay It Forward"?

The customer just needs to pay for a donation on the Pay It Forward on your Toggle shop. They'll get a receipt email to confirm their purchase and that's it. They won't receive any gift voucher to spend since a Pay It Forward is just a donation only.

Here's the journey:

1 - A customer chooses your Pay It Forward product from your Toggle shop (you’ll see it’s labelled Pay It Forward).

2 - The customer selects their options and checks out as normal.

3 - Customer makes payment and receives a receipt email confirming their purchase, as normal.

4 - You can now see Pay It Forward purchases appear in your Orders screen.

5 - And you can report on the number sold on your Overview screen.

6 - Now you can keep track of how many orders you have and just need to keep track of how many you’ve passed on or delivered to your good cause!

7 - Make sure you tell the world on your newsletters and social channels!

Where does the donation money go to?

All payments made on your Toggle shop will go to your payment gateway that's connected to your Toggle account. So to extract the money made from a Pay It Forward and send it to your chosen charitable cause, you need to do this through Stripe (and you can use the graphs/ reports on Toggle to help figure out the donations you need to forward to the charity).

Do Pay It Forward products sit in my liabilities on Toggle?

Nope, these are removed from your liabilities as there is no redemption that is yet to take place. You’ll deal with tracking how many of the Pay It Forward products you’ve dished out separately.

If you have questions or need help please get in touch with our support team at



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