Pay It Forward. A simple concept, and one popularised by the 2000 movie of the same name. Your customers choose to pay for your products or services, but rather than purchasing for themselves, they are “paying forward” to people on the receiving end of your nominated cause.

Toggle makes this easy as you can create a Pay It Forward product and list it on your webshop. The idea behind this feature is to allow you to sell these products without the purchaser designating a specific recipient - it just goes into your Pay It Forward ‘pot’.

How it works

1 - Head to Products, and click Add. Select Pay It Forward.

2 - Add the details about your product, why you’re offering it, who it’s for and why it’s a great thing. Optionally, set a limit of the number available, and any variances in what your kind customers can buy by filling in the Value Options section


3 - Save your product and voila! It’s now on your shop available for purchase.

How a customer “Pays It Forward”

1 - A customer chooses your Pay It Forward product from your web shop (you’ll see it’s labelled Pay It Forward).

2 - The customer selects their options and checks out as normal (perhaps purchasing a card for themselves too!).

3 - Customer makes payment and receives a receipt, as normal.

4 - You can now see Pay It Forward purchases appear in your Orders screen.


5 - And you can report on the number sold on your Overview screen.

6 - Now you can keep track of how many orders you have and just need to keep track of how many you’ve passed on or delivered to your good cause!

7 - Make sure you tell the world on your newsletters and social channels!



Q) How does a recipient redeem ‘Pay It Forward’ products?

A) They don’t need to! There are no gift cards created for these types of products so they don’t appear in your normal gift card balance sheet. Just keep track of how many you’ve sold and how many you’ve delivered.

Q) Do Pay It Forward products sit in my liabilities on Toggle?

A) Nope, these are removed from your liabilities as there is no redemption that is yet to take place. You’ll deal with tracking how many of the Pay It Forward products you’ve dished out separately.



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