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Terms and conditions webshop tick box
Terms and conditions webshop tick box

You can create a T&Cs tick box at the webshop checkout for customers to agree to. Here's how to implement it!

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Give your terms and conditions the attention they deserve by encouraging customers to read them, and confirming they've done so, at the webshop checkout page. 

How to add the T&Cs tick box

  1. Head over to Customise > Legal stuff 

  2. Click 'On' to the 'Request purchaser agrees to Terms and Conditions on checkout?' prompt

  3. A 'Terms agreement copy' box will then appear for you to enter the wording you'd like to have show on the webshop checkout

  4. Press save (the green button on top right of the page)

Where the tick box is located 

Once saved, the T&C tick box will be live on your webshop for customers to check off before making their purchase. You can find this on the final billing page of the checkout journey. 

If a customer does not tick the T&C agreement box they can't proceed to pay for their order; the 'Pay £XX' button will remain faded out and will be unclickable. 

Where the T&Cs can be read

The link to your terms and conditions are located on the bottom of each page on your webshop. If a customer wants to read your T&Cs they can click onto the Terms and Conditions link at the bottom of the webshop page. Clicking the link opens a new tab so they will not lose their card order and billing details. 

If you haven't already linked a copy of your T&Cs, make sure you do! To do this simply head to Customise > Legal Stuff and copy your T&Cs onto the field marked 'Link to Terms and Conditions'. 

What to include on your T&Cs

This is really up to you (or your legal advisors), however we do have a useful article that gives you some helpful tips to get you started!

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