Special Offer promotions

Create a special offer promotion to give your customers something to cheer about!

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What are they?

A special offer promotion allows your promotional discount or value-added deal be automatically applied at the webshop checkout page, bypassing the need for a promo code.

Setting up a Special Offer promotion

To get started, click on the Promotions section on your Toggle sidebar.

There are 12 different bits to fill out or choose from to get your Special Offer promotion sorted. We’ve broken down each section so you know what they’re all about. Read on.

Campaign name. This is for your own internal use, so just name it something appropriate that you can refer back to in the future e.g. “Black Friday 2020”. Your campaigns are listed out on the Promotions page for you to refer back to whenever you want.

Offer display text. This is what displays on your webshop on the gift(s) the promotion is being applied to; it will show up on a green tab with white text for maximum exposure above the gift name. You’re limited to 30 characters, so make it short and sweet.

Offer display long text. This text will show up when the customer has clicked onto the gift itself from the webshop homepage. This is your chance to give some more information on the deal being offered. You’re limited to 100 characters for this.

Offer. Decide what offer you want to give: value-added or a discount (e.g. top up a card automatically by £10 or deduct the up front payment of the card by £10).

Discount type/ Added value type. Decide whether the offer is a percentage value-add or discount or a fixed value value-add or discount.

Discount amount/ Added value amount. Decide how much value you're discounting or adding (by percentage or fixed value).

Maximum uses. Create a stir by setting a limit to how many times the promotional deal can be used. Or leave this blank to make it unlimited.

Start date/ end date. Set the date your promotion becomes active and when it ends. The promotion will become active at 00:00 on the date you set, and it'll expire just after 23:59 on the end date you set.

Applies to. You can set the promotional deal to apply to all your gifts and experiences on your webshop, or pick out specific ones.

Promotion code status. Make your promotion live or inactive at the click of a button. If you’ve set a start date in the future, the ‘offer display text’ and ‘offer display long text’ will show up on the webshop on the specified start date. If you set an offer that’s available to inactive, this will remove the offer text on the webshop and prevent the deal being used on the checkout page.

Limit use to one code per basket? Yes or no. Setting this to ‘yes’ means a customer can use the offer once during checkout. If the offer is available to all products or to multiple products, the highest value gift will have the offer applied to it. If you set the limit to one code per basket to ‘no’ then the customer can buy multiple products which have the promotion applied to it and the offer will be applied to all those products at the checkout.

All done? Click Save and your promotion (if it’s set to active and the start date is now) will be visible on your webshop!

How it looks and works

This is how your Special Offer promotion will look on the homepage of your webshop.

After clicking onto the product, the customer will see the same Offer display text plus the Offer display long text.

If the customer decides to buy the product, on the final billing page before confirming the purchase, they’ll see the offer automatically applied. No promo code will be needed.

All you need to do is shout about your promotion on your website, blogs, newsletters, and social channels!


Can I apply special offer promotions to experiences, bundle packages or pay-it-forward gifts?

You can apply promotional deals to gifts and experiences, and any gifts or experiences used in a bundle that's been assigned a special offer will work too. Special Offers don't apply for Pay-it-Forward gifts.

Experiences such as ‘Tea for two’ are usually pre-set to a fixed price, so the best promotion to apply to something like this is a discount rather than an added-value offer. This is because redeeming an Experience with added value could cause confusion as to how the guest can redeem the extra value.

How do I know when someone has bought a product with a special offer promotion?

You can see how many times the promotion has been used on the Promotions page under the ‘Number of uses’ column. On the Data section you can download the Discounts CSV file to see what products had promotions used upon purchase.

How do I let customers know how long the deal will last?

You can let customers know externally on your website, on social media, or on blogs and newsletters. You can use the Offer display text or the Offer display long text to mark the end date or tell customers it’s limited in availability.

Will customers know when the deal is no longer available?

Once the maximum uses or end date has been reached, or you simply mark the promotion as inactive, the offer will stop appearing on your webshop. At the checkout there will not be a value-add or discount applied.

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