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Promo Code promotions

Create a promo code to spark up a frenzy amongst your customers!

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What are they?

A promo code promotion is available for you to use any time when you want to hand out an enticing offer to your customer base. This type of promotion includes creating a promo code that you can give out to your customers who’ll then use it on the checkout page of your webshop to redeem the offer you’ve created.

Setting up a promo code promotion

There’s 13 different bits to fill out or choose from to get your Promo code promotion all done. We’ve broken down each section so you know what they’re all about. Read on.

Campaign name. This is for your own internal use, so just name it something appropriate that you can refer back to in the future e.g. “Black Friday 2020”. Your campaigns are listed out on the Promotions page for you to refer back to, and click onto, whenever you want.

Promotional code. This is the code you will need to tell your customers to use to get the discount or value-added promotion applied to their purchase. You have a 50 character limit, but try and make it something easy to remember and type out. The code is not case sensitive.

Offer. Decide what offer you want to give: value-added or a discount (e.g. top up a card automatically by £10 or deduct the up front payment of the card by £10).

Discount type. Decide whether the offer is a percentage value-add or discount or a fixed value value-add or discount.

Discount amount. What value do you want to discount or value-add by?

Maximum uses. Create a stir by setting a limit to how many times the promotional deal can be used. Or leave this blank to make it unlimited.

Start date/ end date. Set the date your promotion becomes active and when it ends. The promotion will become active at 00:00 on the date you set, and it'll expire just after 23:59 on the end date you set.

Applies to. You can set the promotion to apply to all your gifts and experiences on your webshop, or pick out specific ones.

Promotion code status. Make your promotion live or inactive at the click of a button. If you’ve set a start date in the future, the promo code cannot be used until then (if attempted the promo code box on the checkout page will say it’s invalid). If you set an offer that’s available to use to inactive, the promo code will also show as being invalid on the checkout page.

Limit use to one code per basket? Yes or no. Setting this to ‘yes’ means a customer can use the offer once during their checkout. If the offer is available to all products or to multiple products, the highest value gift will have the offer applied to it. If you set the limit to one code per basket to ‘no’ then the customer can buy multiple products which have the promotion applied to it and the offer will be applied to all those products at the checkout.

All done? Click Save and your promotion - if it’s set to active and the start date is now - will be visible on your webshop!

How it looks and works

Now your Promo code promotion is live, let you customers know about you offer and promo code. You can add the promo code to the webshop too e.g. on the Homepage text (Customise > Page text) or on the product description itself (go to Products and edit the Short or long product description for the product(s) that have the promo code assigned to).

After the customer has gone through the checkout process, on the final billing page they will have the option to enter a promo code. When a valid promo code is entered, the value-add or discount offer will be applied to the order.


Can I apply promo codes to experiences, bundle packages or pay-it-forward gifts?

You can apply promotional deals to any type of product you create. If you’re creating a promotion on an experience such as ‘Tea for two’ this will be pre-set to a fixed price, so the best promotion to apply to something like this is a discount rather than an added-value offer - how would the customer redeem the extra value on an experience like this? A bundle deal is simply tying together multiple gifts you have available as singular items on your webshop, so the promotion will be applied to the highest value item (that the promo code is eligible for).

How do I know when someone has bought a product with a promo code?

You can see how many times the promotion has been used on the Promotions page under the ‘Number of uses’ column. On the Data section you can download the Discounts CSV file to see what products had promotions used upon purchase.

How do I let customers know how long the deal will last?

You can let customers know externally on your website, on social media, or on blogs and newsletters. You can use the webshop homepage/ footer text or product short or long description to tell customers about the promo code.

Will customers know when the deal is no longer available?

Once the maximum uses or end date has been reached, or you simply mark the promotion as inactive, the offer will stop appearing on your webshop. At the checkout there will not be a value-add or discount applied.

What happens if I set two or more promotions to the same product?

Well that would be bonkers! But only one promo code can be used on the checkout.

Will the gift email (digital product email) say it’s been bought using a promotional offer?

No. The email will be the same as if there was no promotion used to buy it; it’ll have the gift card name, the final value assigned to it, the unique number to redeem the gift, and so on.

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