The Balance Adjustments CSV file can be found on the Data section on your Toggle account.

This file contains information on the adjustments to a gift card - e.g. whether it's been redeemed, had breakage, been reversed, or sold.

Your accounts team might find this report particularly useful, as this represents each transaction that took place in a given date range.

What headers/ info are on the Balance Adjustments CSV file?

  • Card ID

  • Line Item ID

  • Gift Name

  • Experience Description

  • Unit

  • Toggle Card Unique Number

  • Line Item Type

  • Value

  • Adjustment Date (UTC format)

  • Merchant

  • Order ID

  • Sales Channel

  • Fulfilment Method

  • Notes

  • User

  • Transaction ID

  • Merchant Transaction Reference

  • Total Associated Transaction Value

  • Postage Price

  • Transaction Discount Value

  • Reverse Line Item ID

  • Reverse by Line Item ID

What does each header mean?

Card ID: An internal unique ID for this card and a way to search out a card on your Toggle account

Line Item ID: An internal unique ID for this "line item" which helps associate

Gift Name: The name of the gift

Experience Description: Any description of an experience gift that was bought

Unit: The site this balance adjustment took place in.

Toggle Card Unique Number: The 19 digit unique number used to redeem the gift card

Line Item Type: e.g. Sale, Redemption, Breakage etc

Value: The value of the balance adjustment. Negative adjustment types (e.g. redemptions show as negative values)

Adjustment Date: The date and time of the adjustment.

Merchant: Who created the adjustment e.g. Stripe, Trust Payments or your EPOS.

Order ID: If this adjustment relates back to an order, the order ID would be shown here.

Sales Channel: The type of sales channel associated with this adjustment e.g. B2B, Web shop

Fulfilment Method: If this adjustment relates to a fulfilment, the type of fulfilment would be shown here.

Notes: If any manually added notes for this adjustment, they would show here

User: If tracked, the user who made this adjustment

Transaction ID: If this adjustment relates to money that has exchanged hands (e.g. sale of a card) the transaction relating to this adjustment would show here.

Merchant Transaction Value: If this adjustment relates to money that has exchanged hands (e.g. sale of a card) the transaction value would show here.

Postage Price: If any postage relates to this adjustment, it would show here

Transaction Discount Value: If any discounts associated with this adjustment, tthey would show here

Reverse Line Item ID: If this adjustment reverses another balance adjustment line, the line item it has changed will show here.

Reversed by Line: If this adjustment has been subsequently reversed by another line item, that will show here.

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