Toggle is a pre-paid gift card processor, and stores a full transactional balance history (debits, credits, reversals, breakages) for every gift card on our system.

Toggle can integrate with your existing EPOS system to allow the redemption and sale of gift cards on-site, without the need for any additional hardware.

We act as your gift card processor, and in most cases will replace any existing gift card solution on your POS system (indeed, if you have existing cards in circulation, we can ingest and replace them seamlessly).

How do EPOS and Toggle connect?

Our EPOS partners have built their own integrations directly with our API. This means that in each case, there will be the option to configure your EPOS to talk to Toggle, simply by making some initial configuration settings.

Configuration varies for each EPOS partner. Take a look at our set-up guides for your EPOS here.

Where is my data?

Toggle holds all gift card numbers. current balances and an audit trail of balance adjustments for each card and where those adjustments were made.

Your EPOS will be able to report cases where a gift card has been used as a part or full payment against a guest’s basket, but it does not store a copy of our gift cards or their current balances. Any balance queries or adjustments are made in real-time to Toggle via our API.

For each balance adjustment in Toggle, we also store the unique identifier for that till transaction (we refer to this as a merchant transaction reference). This means that if a check-and-balance needs to be made between EPOS and Toggle, that unique transaction identifier can be used to manually match data in raw CSV exports from the two platforms.

Where are payments taken for on-site gift card sales?

For gift card sales made on-site, typically these will be mag strip cards that have been pre-encoded with a unique gift card number and issued to your locations as ‘blank’ stock. When a guest wishes to purchase a gift card, the selling of a gift card is initiated through the relevant interface on your till (again see our guides for your specific till).

Payment is then taken in the normal way via ePDQ or cash payment in your EPOS. On finalisation of the sale, a blank stock card is swiped or scanned through (to capture the number), and the order is sent to Toggle for creation and activation of the card. Similarly for subsequent balance top-ups. In other words, card payments for the on-site sale of gift cards are not processed through your Toggle payment gateway (e.g. Stripe), they are taken via your on-site ePDQ.

The transaction reference generated by the till for on-site sales is sent and linked to the card order/creation in Toggle, so you can perform manual checks and balances via CSV export if required.

What is the guest journey for redemptions?

For redemptions, a guest would present a gift card either as a keyed in number displayed on a phone/email or a swipe-able mag strip plastic card or - if you have scanners - as a scannable QR/barcode.

During the bill settlement process on your EPOS, an operative would typically press a button to indicate a payment by gift card, where the number on the card is keyed, scanned or swiped in, usually with an option to key in the amount to redeem from the gift card.

Your EPOS will then attempt the redemption of the gift card during the settlement process, and display any balance or other transactional errors, should they occur.

The amount redeemed from the gift card would be deducted from the total bill.

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