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Using Google Analytics with Toggle (GA4)
Using Google Analytics with Toggle (GA4)

Want to view your web shop traffic, goal conversions and purchase data in your Google Analytics dashboard? Here’s how.

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Toggle can send web shop visitor and purchase data straight into your Google Analytics account. This is super-useful for keeping track of how many visits your shop is getting, where the visitors are coming from and what they are purchasing.

Switching on the integration

1 - Login to your Google Analytics account.

2 - Click the cog icon to head to your Admin settings screen. Here choose the Ecommerce Settings option:

3 - Switch “Enable Ecommerce” to “On” and click Save.

4 - Now copy your Tracking ID. This ID now starts "G-" under the new GA4. You can get this under the Admin > Property Settings screen:

5 - Now head over to your Toggle Dashboard and navigate to Settings > General.

6 - Click the pencil icon to edit and paste in your Tracking ID:

7 - Click Save

Voila! Your web shop data will now flow into Google Analytics.

Viewing purchase data in Google Analytics

In Analytics, you can view the data for completed purchases on your Toggle webshop. Head to Conversions > Ecommerce to view your data:

Read more about Ecommerce tracking in Google Analytics in their online guide.

Things to note...

Data accuracy in GA

Note that not all customers will allow tracking of their purchase data (some may have blocking extensions installed, for example), so use Google Analytics for trends and marketing analysis only, not for financial reporting purposes.

What’s the difference between Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics?

Toggle also supports Tag Manager. This allows you to do many things, including injecting other tracking or code snippets onto your Toggle web shop. Read more about Tag Manager here.

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