If you are currently customising the look and feel of your webshop, you might be wondering if there are other font options to choose from aside from the ones shown in the list of options.

Is your font supported?

Toggle fonts are powered by Google. So if you don't see a font that matches your desired brand font(s), then it's still possible that it could be added to the list of options by our team.

1 - Visit fonts.google.com and find your font or one that you feel matches your brand font as closely as possible.

2 - Note down or copy the name of the font and email our support team success@usetoggle.com, requesting a custom Google font, including a name and/or link to the font.

3 - Bear with us while our team adds the font for you - bear in mind this can take a couple of weeks at busy times, so you may wish to use a currently included font in the interim while you wait.

My font isn't on Google, can I just email the font to you?

Unfortunately not. Toggle only supports fonts that are included on Google Fonts under the Open Fonts license.

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