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How to accept gift card payments on your Toggle webshop
How to accept gift card payments on your Toggle webshop

Want to allow your customers to use their gift cards to purchase other products on your webshop? Here's how.

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Consider this scenario:

  1. You start selling gift cards (onsite or online through your Toggle webshop).

  2. You then start selling other retail products, experiences or branded merchandise on your Toggle webshop.

  3. A customer who has been given a Toggle gift card comes along and wants to use their gift card to purchase some other product from your webshop.

Can they do this? Yes, they can. There is a feature that you can enable on your Toggle webshop to allow redemption of gift cards online.

How to allow gift card redemption

1 - Head to your Toggle dashboard and navigate to Settings > Payment settings.

2 - You'll see a option to switch on this feature:

Note that at the time of writing, this option is only available on Toggle accounts using Stripe as a payment processor.

How does a customer use their card?

A customer will be given the opportunity to add their gift card code prior to payment. They will need their PIN number for additional security, and also have the chance to choose how much of their gift card they want to redeem.

Can a customer multiple gift cards and/or promotions?

No. A customer can only use one gift card per order. They also won't be able to use the gift card in conjunction with another promo code or special offer.

How do I report on gift card redemptions online?

You'll be able to see a full transaction history of all your payments, including both credit/debit and gift card payments. In the Toggle dashboard, head over to the Data > Transactions to download a transaction history.

Is there a minimum basket value?

A customer can pay for their entire basket with a gift card, meaning no payment is taken. Hooray!

However, because the payment processors (e.g. Stripe) have a minimum transaction value, a customer can't pay for a basket that is between £0 and £0.49, so the payment screen automatically will prevent a gift card to be redeemed for a value that ends up with a remaining basket value in that range.

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