If a customer bought a gift card from you in-venue this means certain information hasn't been captured - such as their name and email address that would have otherwise been captured during an online webshop purchase form. So if a customer loses their card, it can make finding it a bit trickier on your Toggle account.

Here's some tips to help find a lost physical card bought in-store:

1. Registering your gift card

A key preventive measure for customers is to register their gift card via your webshop homepage. By doing this, they will get a digital email copy that contains the same unique code needed to redeem its value. So if they end up losing the physical card, they still have that digital copy to use instead.

If the customer is unsure if they registered their card or they can't find that digital copy, ask them for their name and email address and search them on the Purchases section - if they registered the card their details should come up.

Here's how to check their details:

Go to Purchases > Cards

Search the Recipient name and/or email in the Recipient name or Recipient email search box

If they appear up, click on their card details.

Then click on 'Send digital copy' or 'Send physical replacement' depending on what's most appropriate in the situation.

2. Search for the transaction reference number

If the customer hasn't registered their card, another way to find their card is to search their transaction reference number - this'll be on their receipt when they made the purchase.

To search their transaction reference:

Go to Purchases > Orders

Search the transaction number in the Transaction reference search box

Screenshot on 2021-03-01 at 13:41:09.png

3. Send a FOC card instead

Depending on the circumstances, if you can't find the customer's card, you could send a free of charge (FOC) card to them instead as a gesture of goodwill. Here's how to do that - Send an FOC card.

Need any help getting this sorted? Contact our support team - success@usetoggle.com.

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