Connect Airship with Toggle

Want to see your Toggle customer data in your Airship account? Here’s how to get connected.

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Switch on marketing consent

Firstly, if you haven’t already, you’ll need to configure marketing consent within Toggle before any customer data can be stored to Airship. More info on how to do this here >

Make sure your consent copy covers how you intend to use the customer data in Airship and don’t forget to also set a link to your Privacy Policy.

Get connected

1 - Open your Toggle dashboard and head to Settings > Integrations > Airship

2 - Click on the Connect with Airship button.

3 - You will now be taken to Airship and be prompted to login if you aren’t already.

4 - You’ll be prompted to allow or deny Toggle access to your Airship account.

5 - You now need to tell Toggle which Toggle sites relate to which Airship units. Do this by mapping each Toggle site to an Airship unit like this:

Once connected, customer data will automatically start flowing through to Airship.

What data is stored in Airship?

Purchaser data

Any customers who purchase from your Toggle web shop will be stored in Airship to the Head Office unit, when they opt-in for marketing.

Airship will store:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Email address

  • Email opt in

Customers will also be automatically categorised into groups to show which product(s) they purchased:

If the customer purchases more than one item, they will be added to each relevant product group in Airship.

Card holders (registered recipients)

Similarly, when a recipient of a card registers it to themselves and opts in for marketing, they will be stored in Airship under a Toggle Card Holders group on the Head Office unit:

Again, Airship will store:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Email address

  • Email opt in

Card redeemers (registered recipients)

Where a registered card holder subsequently redeems a card, Airship will store a copy of the contact in a Toggle Redeemers group:

Airship will also put the contact in a Redeemers group on the relevant unit that the card was redeemed in (this is why mapping your Toggle sites to Airship units is important)


Airship head office unit

Airship localised unit

Item(s) purchased

Purchaser stored to a Purchasers group


Card registered

Card holder stored to a Card Holders group.


Card redeemed in a location


Card holder stored to a Redeemers group.

Card redeemed somewhere else

Card holder stored to a Redeemers group


Using your Toggle data in Airship

You’ll be able to communicate with your customers (purchasers and redeemers) in Airship by targeting them using the Airship search tools.

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