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Connect Qikserve with Toggle
Connect Qikserve with Toggle

Redeem Toggle gift cards and vouchers on your QikServe powered ordering and/or pay-at-table platform.

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Toggle is integrated with QikServe to allow for redemption of gift cards on your ordering and/or pay-at-table service.

It's easy to get set-up and works seamlessly with Toggle gift cards.

Getting started

To get Toggle and QikServe connected, you'll need an API username and password to pass to QikServe. Please put our support team in touch with your QikServe contact, and we'll help get this set-up.

You'll also need to configure your QikServe Store IDs. On your Toggle dashboard, head to Integrations > QikServe and enter the QikServe store ID for each of your locations. If you add any new sites in the future, remember to add the store IDs in here for those too.

How it works

Once enabled, your guests will be shown an option to fully or part-pay with a Toggle gift card.

To pay at table and use a gift card, a guest first enters their table number and proceeds to make payment.

To use a gift card, the guest then taps on the "Use gift card" option.

The guest then keys in their gift card number.

The email address field is used to send a payment receipt.

The balance of the gift card will then be shown, with an option to use the full amount of the gift card (default) or enter a custom value.

The amount remaining to pay is then displayed:

A guest will also receive an email with their receipt for their gift card payment.


Can a guest part-pay with a gift card and pay the rest with a credit/debit card?

Yes, they can!

If a bill is split, can each person use a gift card to pay?

Yes, they can!

Can more than one gift card be used on a bill?

Yes, they can!

Can I use QikServe with my EPOS?

Yes, take a look at the EPOS integrations that QikServe support over on their website >.

How will discounted gift cards be handled and reported on via EPOS?

Discounted gift cards may work slightly differently between each POS that QikServe is connected to. Please speak to your QikServe contact for further details.

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