On September 30th 2021, there will be a change in how older browsers, and devices and operating systems trust our SSL/TLS certificates, resulting in a minor decrease in compatibility.

Devices and browsers running up-to-date software will continue working fine, and we've taken steps to make sure the vast majority of older devices will too. Below is a list of common operating systems, browsers and software libraries which will and will not be compatible.

Compatible Platforms

  • Windows >= XP SP3 (assuming Automatic Root Certificate Update isn’t manually disabled)

  • macOS >= 10.12.1

  • iOS >= 10 (iOS 9 does not include it)

  • iPhone 5 and above can upgrade to iOS 10 and can thus trust the new certificates

  • Android >= 7.1.1 (but Android >= 2.3.6 will work by default due to a special cross-signing)

  • Mozilla Firefox >= 50.0

  • Ubuntu >= xenial / 16.04 (with updates applied)

  • Debian >= jessie / 8 (with updates applied)

  • Java 8 >= 8u141

  • Java 7 >= 7u151

  • NSS >= 3.26

Browsers (Chrome, Safari, Edge, Opera) generally trust the same root certificates as the operating system they are running on. Firefox is the exception: it has its own root store.

Known Incompatible

  • Blackberry < v10.3.3

  • Android < v2.3.6

  • Nintendo 3DS

  • Windows XP prior to SP3

    • cannot handle SHA-2 signed certificates

  • Java 7 < 7u111

  • Java 8 < 8u101

  • Windows Live Mail (2012 mail client, not webmail)

    • cannot handle certificates without a CRL

  • PS3 game console

  • PS4 game console with firmware < 5.00

OpenSSL Libraries

All clients connecting to Toggles API using OpenSSL libraries must be using OpenSSL v1.1.0 or later. Failure to upgrade will result in errors when connecting to Toggle API.

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