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Using Tillo to sell gifts to the B2B network.
Using Tillo to sell gifts to the B2B network.

What is Tillo and how can it help you drive toggle sales?

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What is Tillo?

Tillo connects brands such as yours with businesses looking for new ways to reward and incentivise their customers using branded currency or gift card programmes.

This opens up multiple new distribution channels and allows you to manage multiple partner relationships, automate processes and view sales data and analysis with ease, all in one place.

Using Tillo gives you the opportunity to sell your gift cards to the B2B network.

How can I connect my Toggle & Tillo platforms?

To connect your two platforms and allow the sale of Toggle gifts via Tillo you just need to put us in touch with your Tillo account manager.

We’ll then provide them with our API details so that they can set up the integration.

Once this is completed you can sell your gifts via the Tillo platform.

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