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How to setup Wireless Social (Hedgehog) and Toggle
How to setup Wireless Social (Hedgehog) and Toggle
Written by Anthony Moore
Updated over a week ago

What does it do?

Wireless social primarily provides WIFI solutions to hospitality clients, enabling them to capture contact details / consent and monitor activity within the venue.

As part of Wireless Social's solution, they have a product called ‘Hedgehog’ which enables them to send real time comms to customers with an offer / voucher / gift card for them to redeem in the venue. Wireless Social is sending the voucher to the consumer. This is typically in collaboration with a sponsor / brand where they are giving out a specific product (i.e. Free pint of Heineken)

For the purpose of this integration, Wireless Social will request a gift card (fully discounted), which they will communicate for a free drink / item. The monetary amount will cover the cost of the drink / item, but it could be redeemed against purchase. It operationally handled to ensure that the gift card is redeemed against the correct product

Whats required?

In order to activate this integration, you will need to make sure you are a customer of;

  • Wireless Social

  • Toggle

& have the ability to validate / redeem a gift card (either EPOS integration or Toggle POS mode)

For each new campaign, you will need to confirm:

  • Toggle product to use for creating cards

  • Sale price of drink in each venue

Wireless Social need to provide to Airship:

  • Web hook URL for each new account

Airship need to provide to Wireless Social:

  • API details for the account

  • Secret for the web hook

  • Turn on the ‘Card.balance_adjusted’ web hook

Once configured, you will be able to liaise with Wireless Social to determine the rules for who qualifies, and when for this campaign.

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