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How does 3D Secure work on my Toggle webshop?
How does 3D Secure work on my Toggle webshop?
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Disclaimer: This article is not legal advice. We suggest all our clients consult with legal advisors if there is anything they are unsure about.

3D secure helps add an extra layer of protection to your Toggle webshop, against potential fraud. This is something that takes place on your payment gateway.

When 3D secure is used, during checkout, your customers are asked to verify their identity with their bank before completing a purchase.

Currently, this service is provided by Visa under the name of ‘Verified by Visa’ and MasterCard with the name of ‘MasterCard SecureCode’. This means that the liability for the chargeback shifts away from you, the merchant, for payments taken from within the European Economic Area as they need to meet the SCA regulations.

However, it doesn’t stop all fraudulent chargebacks, because not all payment card issuers participate in 3D secure or need to be processed with this e.g. when the merchants or payer is outside of the European Economic Area; and some types of payments can be exempted from 3D Secure checks too. In addition, you can still face chargebacks where a guest of yours is claiming the goods were never received.

You can read more about this on the Government and Financial Conduct Authority website.

Address & CVC checks

Toggle collects billing address details as well as CVC from all payments and passes these to your payment gateway. This allows the card issuer to verify the billing address against the one registered against the payment card to detect possible fraudulent purchases and reject them.

You can also use the built in Stripe Radar tool (if using Stripe) to reject cards that don't have postcode/zip verification available via the issuing bank. If you haven't already done this, read more on our set-up guide under "additional recommended settings".

If you’re using a different payment gateway, check out what fraudulent advice and services they can offer in addition too.

Keep in mind that sometimes criminals have all the address and CVC details for a stolen card too. And it certainly doesn’t help you with ‘friendly fraud’.

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