Before you start

You will need to obtain some information from Toggle before this can be configured. You will need;

  • Toggle API Username

  • Toggle API Password

  • Merchant ID

  • Product name

API Username and Password

This can be obtained via the Toggle platform, you can either;

  • Invite a iiko contact to the account, so they can generate the details

  • Generate the API username and password and securely pass them to iiko

Details on how to generate them can be found here.

Merchant ID

The Merchant ID for iiko will always be 41

Product Name

The exact name of the product from Toggle you wish to associate gift cards to should be provided to iiko.

There is also some setup required in iiko, you will need to create the products / buttons for the Toggle options on the POS. Please contact your iiko account manager for information on setting these up.

Integration Setup

This setup will need to be complete in iikos back end.

  • ToggleUsername - This should be set to the username generated here

  • TogglePassword - This should be set to the password generated here

  • ToggleMerchantId - This should be 41

  • ToggleReplenishProductNumber - See your iiko contact to get these IDs

  • ToggleCreateProductNumber - See your iiko contact to get these IDs

  • ToggleProduct - This should the desired product name defined here

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