Using Syrve POS (iiko) with Toggle

Using Toggle with your iiko POS to Purchase gift cards, make balance adjustments, top up cards and do balance enquiries

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Getting started

When the Toggle Gift Card module is configured, you’ll see additional buttons on the Pay screen.

The buttons can be added to the POS , and will be accessible by all POS Operators. The functions that will be covered are;

  • Balance Enquiry

  • Gift Card Sale

  • Gift Card Top Up

  • Gift Card Redeem

  • Card reversals

  • Void Payments

  • Tender vs Discount split

Balance Enquiry

  • Select Plugins

  • Select Use Toggle

  • Select Balance Check

  • Scan or type in the Gift Card number

The balance will then print out on a receipt

Gift Card Sale / Gift Card Topup

*Note, the actual layout / names of the buttons will differ to your POS setup. These details are defined at the point of creating the products / assigning the buttons on POS.

  • Select your toggle product

  • Select the amount you want to load on the card (Note, these can be preset amounts or free typed at the point of sale, depending on how you have setup the products)

  • Scan or type in the Gift Card number

  • Take payment

The card will become active, and the gift card details will also be printed on the receipt.

Gift Card Redeem

After adding an item to your basket and going to Payment:

  • Enter the amount you want to take off the gift card

  • Select Toggle Card payment type

  • Scan or type in the Gift Card number

The amount added will be removed from the gift card, and applied to the basket.

Card reversals / voids

  • Select the order you wish to reverse

  • Select Delete Order

  • Confirm deletion

The transaction within Toggle will now be reversed, and the Gift Card will return to its previous state / value.

Tender vs Discount split

If a card has been loaded with Discount (i.e. was not paid for by the customer), Tender, or a mixture - then Toggle will tell your POS at the point of redemption - The POS will then apply this payment as a Discount or Tender on your till.

This split enables you to accurately report on Tender and Discount values within iiko reporting, and more accurately calculate VAT payments on Tender.


When a gift card is sold, the receipt will be produced with the card number, card pin, balance and QR code.

If have questions about the Syrve integration please contact our support team -

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