How to connect Joli App and Toggle

If you use Joli for influencer marketing, it can now be connected to your Toggle store to issue vouchers

Written by Anthony Moore
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Getting started

To get started you'll need to generate some API credentials within Toggle, and add them in your Joli app platform. Don't worry, it's easier than it sounds!

API Username and Password

This can be obtained via the Toggle platform, once you are logged into your account - if you go to:

> Settings

> Integrations

> Select the Joli App tile

> Select Create new user

> Follow the setup steps and make a note of the API user name and password (you'll need to add these to Joli)

More details on how to generate them can be found here.

Configuring your vouchers in Joli

Once you have your API credentials from Toggle, you will need to add them into Joli.

  1. Open the menu and select the brand you wish to connect to toggle

2. Under integrations, select connect toggle

3. You will be prompted for your Toggle API username and password, enter these and click Login

Your account is now linked to Toggle! Details on how to use Toggle in your listings can be found here

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