How to use Toggle in your Joli app

This section will outline how to reward your Joli customers with a Toggle gift card

Written by Anthony Moore
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Getting Started

Before you can issue Toggle gift cards, you will need to have setup the integration between the platforms. More detail can be found here

Within the Joli platform:

1. Create a new listing

2. At the bottom of the new listing page will be a Toggle section, which will list all your available products from Toggle

3. Select the product you wish to issue the gift card from (Note, we'd recommend setting up new product for reporting to easily keep track of these rewards being issued / redeemed)

4. Select Publish

The listing is now open for Influencers to apply. Once you have accepted the right candidate - the gift card will be generated and displayed against the booking for the influencer.

A QR code will be displayed, with the option to see the card number for the venues without a QR scanner available.

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