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The Page text section allows you to customise the introductory text that shows on your webshop and also the footer text at the bottom of the page, including a link to your contact page.

On this same page you can also edit the text that shows up after a customer makes a successful purchase on the webshop.

The Order 'thanks' page is what the customer will see once they’ve made a purchase. It’s a good place for any additional text you might want your customers to read, e.g. asking them to check their spam folder in case their digital gift email landed there.

The footer text can look something like this:

The buttons on your shop by default say 'Select' however you can change this to something different like "Show me more".

Screenshot on 2021-04-14 at 11:40:37.png

You can even add emojis to make the button stand out and entice people to click!

Screenshot on 2021-04-14 at 11:43:06.png
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