A final note on your webshop layout
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The layout of your webshop will be slightly different if you have just one product available, or two or more available.

If you want to offer one product, your webshop will have a 'linear' layout as shown below. A customer when clicking onto your webshop will be directed straight to the product, bypassing the need to click onto a specific product if more were available. If you've written some Homepage text, it will not show up.

If you have two or more products available your webshop will show up in a 'tiled' layout. A customer who visits your webshop will be taken to the homepage where they can browse what's available and then click onto a product. The homepage text does show here.

Re-ordering the layout of your products

You can also reorder where a product sits on your webshop if you have multiple products available. For example, if you have set a promotional code on a particular product or have a pay-it-forward that you want customers to see first when visiting your webshop, you can have them appear at the top of the page.

To do this go to the Products section on your Toggle dashboard and drag and drop your products accordingly.

On the product edit page, you can also decide which images you’d like to have showing. You have the option, also, to add more than one image. You can also have these ‘autoscroll’ in a slide-show style.

There's a few other bits that you can add to the webshop, including what appears on the customers checkout journey. Find out about them here:

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