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Using Toggle gift cards with HLS
Using Toggle gift cards with HLS

How a Toggle gift card works with HLS

Written by Anthony Moore
Updated over a week ago

Providing you have setup the HLS integration (see Connecting HLS and Toggle).

The HLS x Toggle integration will allow you to;

  • Check a gift card balance

  • Apply a gift card to a booking

  • Reversals (voids) - and restore gift card values

Tender vs. Discount is not a feature of this integration, so any reconciliation reporting on Discounts will need to be manually ran through Toggle.

Applying Gift card

Once you are in the checkout journey, you will be able to apply a gift card as part of the payment.

  1. Select Add Payment

  2. Select Payment method = Gift card

  3. Select gift card type = Toggle

You will then be prompted to enter a card number.

Once you enter a card number, it will be validated in Toggle to check if its valid, and the balance will be returned and displayed to the user.

From here, you can specify the amount on the gift card you want to apply to your booking.

After you have added the amount, it will validate the value against Toggle and then apply the payment to your booking.

No funds on cards

An error will be displayed to the user if no funds are available on the card.

Invalid card

An error will be displayed to the user if the card number is not recognised.

Void transactions

If a transaction is voided within HLS, the gift card balance will be restored to its original value.

HLS training guide

HLS have setup a training guide Here

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