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How to set-up Solovey vodka on Toggle
How to set-up Solovey vodka on Toggle

Help raise £1,000,000 for Ukrainian refugees

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Support Yasha Estraikh on his campaign to raise £1,000,000 for Ukrainian refugees. His mission is to raise money via sales of his Solovey vodka, and 100% of the profits from these will go to War Child.

If you would like to support this cause, Toggle is ready to assist with the set-up and distribution of bottles through our licensed warehouse.

Our team will manage the set-up of this product on your behalf. We will build the product; add the description and image, then link to our warehouse so orders can be fulfilled. If you would like to see how this can look, check out McManus Pubs Toggle account here.

As part of our monthly invoicing, we will bill any participating Togglers £29.99 for each bottle sold, plus £4.95 P&P alongside your regular billing (bottles are sent as singles only). You can stop selling Solovey vodka whenever you wish - just drop us an email to confirm this.

If you would like us to add Solovey vodka to your account, drop us an email at:

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