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Using "Special Days" to drive your shop sales.
Using "Special Days" to drive your shop sales.

via emails and social media campaigns.

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With so many National Days (or even international days) to tap into throughout the year from National Milk Day on the 11th January, World Whisky Day on the 20th May & International Beer Day on the 4th August through to the ever popular "World Toilet Day" on November 19th. There is always some new and exciting way to promote your gift card sales.

Of course the most popular days for gift card sales are Black Friday, Christmas Eve, Mothers Day and Fathers Day and the voucher sales we see come through for these particular days are fantastic.

So what are the best ways to capitalize on these days?

Play to your strengths

Are you a bar that specializes in Gin? Advertise that "Gin Tasting" experience that you are doing on World Gin Day (10th June 2023). Mexican food specialist? National Taco Day, 4th October, Put out some weird Social Posts, you wish to? "Talk like Yoda day" is on the 21st May.

You get the idea, chances are if you read through a list or google a specific day you are looking for, you will find something you can tap into to generate some guest engagement and extra sales.

Use the resources you have

Have a email database? Send out details of the voucher targeted around the upcoming event.

Not massive on emails but have a great social media following? Add a link to your Toggle shop at the end of your posts!

Got high engagement with in-house posters etc? Put a QR code on your posters that links to your Toggle shop.

Use special offer promotions

Not sure on how to set up special offer promotions, check out this guide.

But setting up something like a Black Friday Offer e.g. "buy a voucher in December and we'll give you 150% value, but you must spend it between January and February". Can both help sales in December and drive footfall in January and February.

Vouchers for Birthdays etc.

Another way to promote to customers on a more personal level is to send them a voucher on their birthday, you could do this manually via your own database or a CRM.

If you are lucky enough to be signed up with our sister company Airship, then you can set up this whole system to happen automatically (see this guide)

Advertising the offer via social media and telling people to "sign up for the offer" is of course an excellent way to increase the size of your email database. So that you can reach more people with it.

We actually released a blog post with a bit more information (and some of the more relevant dates). See that here.

Need a little extra help? Check out the full Toggle Academy for additional support articles.

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