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Toggle Champions is the name we’ve given to a ‘refer a friend’ system we have built onto Toggle. In short:

  • Toggle Champions allows a Toggler to create a referral scheme.

  • Each scheme will be made up of two different groups of people: ‘Champions’ (referrers) and ‘Friends’ (claimers).

  • Champions sign up and receive a card straight away. This may or may not have value on it from the outset, depending on the scheme configuration.

  • Champions also receive a unique URL that they use to share with their network

  • The purpose of that URL is to allow people in the Champion’s network (a ‘friend’) to sign up to receive their own card that is loaded with value.

  • When a ‘friend’ makes a redemption at the Toggler’s venue, the Champion receives value loaded onto theirs.

How it works

First thing you’ll see is the list of schemes. This list has in-line reporting on each scheme that records the number of Referrers (Champions), Referred (Friends), Opt-ins, and the value issued and redeemed. It also shows the Cost per joiner - this is the cost to the business for each person that has joined the scheme.

When you click to create a new scheme, you’re met with a lot of configuration options. The configuration page is split into six sections; we’ll go through each one:

Customise your Champion sign up page

The Champion sign up page is the sign up form that Champions will see when the brand is trying to recruit them. You can customise the internal scheme name, title, description, URL, and links to any T&Cs.

Scheme status

This one is quite important. There are two options:

  1. Scheme status. If this is set to inactive, so Champions or Friends will be able to sign up - the links won’t work

  2. Allow new Champions to join scheme. If this is set to no, no Champions will be able to join the scheme, but Friends can still sign up through existing Champions’ links.

Setting limits to the scheme

Want to control how much you are giving away? Simply check "Apply sign up limits to scheme?" to "Yes" and you can set:

  1. Champion sign up limit.

  2. Friend sign ups per Champion limit.

Customise your Champion welcome page

The Champion welcome page is what the Champion sees once they’re successfully signed up to the scheme. The Toggler can customise the title and a description paragraph. There is lot’s more text on this page that we automatically generate, as seen on this screenshot:

They’ll also receive an email that contains all these details.

Configure scheme gift values

This is where the money’s at, literally. These fields control what value is issued during the scheme. There are four decisions to make:

  1. Does the Toggler want to give the Champion value on their card when they first sign up, before any sharing or redemption has taken place?

  2. If the answer is yes to the above, how much do they want to give?

  3. How much does the Toggler want to give the Champion when a friend redeems a gift. This is called ‘Champion gift’

  4. How much does the Toggler want to give Friends who sign up through a Champion’s link? This is the ‘Friend gift’

Customise your friend page

The Friend page is the sign up form a Friend will see having click on the link shared by a Champion. They can customise the title and description.

Share links

The share link generated at the bottom of the configuration page on the Toggle dashboard is for the Toggler to use to recruit Champions. This link can be customised earlier in the page underneath scheme title. Each Champion will then receives their own personal share link once signed up.

Here’s what it looks like for the guests

To get the ball rolling, you’ll send the Champion the URL for them to sign up. When they click the URL, their sign up page will look like this:

When the Champion fills out the sign up form and clicks ‘Join’ they’ll see this page to confirm their mobile number:

Once the Champion has entered the confirmation code from the text message, they’ll then see the confirmation of their sign up, any gift card they’ve received from the sign up, and the URL to share to their friends for them to sign up and get their vouchers.

The Champion will also get their sign up confirmation sent to their email, and it will show up in their inbox as seen below:

When the Champion shares the URL with their friends, this is how the sign up form looks like for them:

When the friend fills out their details and clicks ‘Submit’ they will also be prompted to enter the code sent to them by text. When that’s entered, they’ll see this page:

The email will land in their inbox like shown:

And the email itself will look like this:

What reports are available?

To see who's signed up as a referrer and claimer, you can download the Referral Schemes report on the Data section of your dashboard. Other reports like the Cards report, Balance Adjustments report, and Orders report will also show Champion vouchers that have been issued and redeemed.

If you want to find out more about the Champions feature, or need help getting it set up please get in touch with our support team at

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