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Redeeming Toggle gift cards in LOKE
Redeeming Toggle gift cards in LOKE

You can now exchange your Toggle gift cards via the LOKE APP for LOKE points

Written by Anthony Moore
Updated over a week ago

Getting started

When the Toggle Gift Card module is configured, customers will be able to exchange Gift cards via the LOKE app.

Only fixed amounts can be exchanged, and the amounts that can be exchanged are;

  • £10

  • £20

  • £50

Within the App you will be prompted for a gift card number. Add this and click 'Balance'

This will return the balance on the card, and present some options for exchanging the points (i.e. if you had £50 gift card, you could part redeem one of the preset values and then leave the remaining on the card).

Any values outside of the pre-set amounts cannot be exchanged, And if there are not enough value on the card - the customer will receive a user friendly error.

Once the value has been converted to points, the points can be used in a new transaction.

Its worth noting that because its a value exchange, the expiry time on the gift card is no longer applicable to the points value (i.e. they can be used after the gift card expiry) - and as far as Toggle is concerned, this gift card value has now been 'spent' and will count towards any redemption reporting.

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