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How to edit your mobile number for 2-factor authentication
How to edit your mobile number for 2-factor authentication
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Managing users is done on the Settings > Teams page of your Toggle dashboard.

Note: Only Store Owner users access the "Teams" page on the dashboard.

Quick summary:

  1. Log into Toggle

  2. Go to Settings > Team (if you can't see 'Team' then you're not a Store Owner)

  3. Find the user to edit

  4. Click the 3 dots next to their user

  5. Click "Reset Two-Factor" option

  6. Click the blue Reset button on the next prompt that pops up

  7. Log out of Toggle and back in

  8. Set your new mobile number when prompted

If you can't access the Teams section please ask the "Store Owner" of the account to help you.

Where to go on the Toggle dashboard:

What appears when you click "Reset Two-Factor":

What you will see the next time you log in:

Can I disable 2-factor for a user?

Nope - all users must set up a their mobile number when joining Toggle to ensure better security. Fortunately it's quick to edit (as shown above) if a mobile number does need to be edited.

Any help or questions please get in touch on

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