To connect your Toggle account with Polaris EPOS you will first need to request the API details from the Toggle customer success team. Email us on and intro us to your EPOS contact to get started.

We’ve put together a guide with Polaris on how to use Toggle through your POS. Note that the screengrabs below are just a guide; your own Polaris setup might look a little different to these.

Note: you will need the Polaris loyalty system to be able to use Toggle.

Getting started

When the Toggle Gift Card module is configured, you’ll see the Loyalty Card buttons added to the POS.

Main Screen

There will be two options visible to allow you to perform gift-card related actions:

  • Loyalty Card Enquiry

  • Pay

Paying a bill / redeeming a gift card

On the Payment screen, enter the amount to pay, and tap ‘Loyalty Card’ to use gift card balance to pay.

If the amount to be redeemed exceeds the balance on the card the Operator will be advised that the transaction will not be applied.

If there is any remaining balance this should be settled as usual using another payment method.

Issuing a card

1 - To issue a new gift card on-site, use the Loyalty Card Enquiry button. Once this button is pressed the operator will be prompted to enter a card number or swipe a card.

2 - The operator will press the ‘Top Up’ button to add balance to the new card.

Topping up a card

  1. If the customer wants to top up the balance on their card, the Operator should use the Top Up button, from the Loyalty Card Enquiry screen.

They will then be prompted for the amount to top up:

Checking a card balance

If a customer needs to check their current card balance, this can also be done through the till. To do this, use the Loyalty Card Enquiry button from the main screen.

  1. Once the button has been pressed the Operator will be prompted to either swipe the card or manually enter the card number;

2. The balance will then be displayed on the screen:

Tender vs Discount split

If a card has been loaded with Discount (i.e. was not paid for by the customer), Tender, or a mixture - then Toggle will tell your POS at the point of redemption - The POS will then apply this payment as a Discount or Tender on your till.

This split enables you to accurately report on Tender and Discount values within Polaris reporting, and more accurately calculate VAT payments on Tender.

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