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Stripe FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions you might find useful if you’re new to Stripe.

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How often does Stripe pay out to my bank account?

Typically Stripe pay out on a 7-day rolling schedule. You can read more on their website here:

 On occasion, you may find they withhold some funds to cover potential chargebacks. To try to head off the chances of this happening read more on our Fraud Primer here.

What are the bank charges associated with Stripe?

Stripe charges are typically 1.4% + 20p per transaction. You can see more details on their pricing on their website here:

Does Toggle take a cut before Stripe pay out to our bank account?

No. Toggle charges a flat fee and doesn't have access to your Stripe account or any customer payments. Your Stripe account is in your own name and you simply use the Toggle interface to connect with it to process the online payments from your shop.

Should we expect reconciliation reports from Toggle or Stripe?

 You will be able to download transaction data from Stripe. You can also download Order Data and Card Data from Toggle.

 Typically you’ll probably want to download transaction data from your both your EPOS, Stripe and Toggle and then do a reconciliation between the three on a regular basis. Toggle has a copy of the unique transaction reference from both your EPOS and Stripe so it’s easy to match up payments from both.

We already use Stripe, will payments for Toggle get mixed up?

Payments for Toggle gift cards in Stripe will come through with a description and order ID, so you’ll be able to see what was for a Toggle purchase, and what was for something else:

Where can I see my payments in Stripe?

You can log in to your Stripe account and view incoming payments under the Payments screen. Read more about the Stripe dashboard here:

Where can I view reporting in Stripe?

You can view reports for your Stripe account from the Reporting section in Stripe. Read more here: 

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