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Setting up online payments with Trust Payments (formerly known as Secure Trading)
Setting up online payments with Trust Payments (formerly known as Secure Trading)

Using Trust Payments to process online payments? Here’s how to connect your account to Toggle.

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Getting started

If you wish to use Trust Payments as your payment gateway with Toggle, it’s easy to get connected. 

Once configured, customers paying for orders on your Toggle webshop will have their payments processed through your Trust Payments account.

To get your Toggle gift card webshop and Trust Payments account set up, here’s what you need to do next.

Create a Toggle user in Trust Payments

Trust Payments requires outside systems to connect to it with a username/password. So the first thing you need to do is create a username/password.

1 - Log in to your Trust Payments account (MyST) and head to the Users page.

2 - Now click Add user at the bottom of the screen to add a new user.

3 - Add some details for the user. These can be anything you want and you can use your own email address or another nominated one at your business.

4 - Take a note of the username/password - you’ll need these to enter into Toggle.

5 - For the Role, set this to Webservices

6 - For the Valid IP / networks(s), enter these three IPs:,,

(you can separate them with a comma like above)

7 - Finally, assign the Trust Payments site reference that you want to use for Toggle in the Allocated sites section. If you only have one site reference in Trust Payments, you will only see one option to choose from. Take a note of the site reference, as you’ll also need this in Toggle.

8 - You can leave all other settings as default. Click Save to create the user.

9 - Once you've created the user, email Trust Payments support and request that your new username be linked to Toggle and let them know your web shop domain. To do this, provide them the username you created plus our username, which is: and a request that your site be allocated to our JWT user. Also ask them to ensure your site reference is switched over to use SCAv2 and let them know your web shop domain, which they will need for their 'Merchant URL' setting. Here's a template email to use:

Dear Trust Payments support,

Please could you complete the following set-up actions to allow payments to be taken on our Toggle web shop:

- Please allocate webservices user [your-username-here] to the JWT user

- Please switch our site reference to use SCAv2 if it isn't already

- Please set the Merchant URL to our domain which is [your-shop-domain-here]

10 - Once they have confirmed this is done, you can proceed to the next step.

Configure Toggle to use Trust Payments

The next step is to enter the username/password and site reference from Trust Payments in Toggle.

1 - Head to the Payment Settings page in your Toggle dashboard

2 - Click on the Connect with Trust Payments option

3 - In the popup window, enter the username/password and site reference from Trust Payments.

4 - Click Submit and you’re done!

Do a live test

To check all is working OK, we recommend doing a live test. Head to your Toggle webshop and checkout with a test purchase. Did it all go through OK? If so, you’re all set.


If you get errors when testing your checkout and purchase journey, firstly double check that you have followed all of the steps above. Did you add the relevant IP address in Trust Payments? Is the username/password definitely saved correctly in Toggle? If you’ve done all these things and are still having problems, drop us a message at and we will assist.

Dealing with payment/settle statuses in Trust Payments

Note that Toggle will issue an order on a successful authorisation in Trust Payments. In cases where a payment authorisation has been flagged as 'suspended' or 'declined', no order will be created.

Here is what a a suspended payment looks like in Trust Payments:

Here is what a declined payment looks like in Trust Payments:

And here is what a successful payment looks like in Trust Payments:

Also, a successful authorisation may take a few days to settle. Payments pending settlement will show as "OK" like above, but have this showing until they are settled:

Here is what this looks like once a payment has settled:

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