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Limited availability gifts in Toggle
Limited availability gifts in Toggle

Need to limit the number of times an experience can be sold? Read on for how to use the limited availability feature.

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If you have a hot selling gift experience and want to limit the number of people who can purchase it, you can use Toggle to display a ‘sold out’ message when a certain number of cards have been sold.

You can also show how many are available to provide a sense of buying urgency.

How to set up limited availability

Setting up or updating the number of items available for a given experience is easy. Here’s how...

1 - Create a new experience gift or select an existing one to update.

2 - To set a limit, select “Limited to” from the dropdown and enter the number of items you want to make available for purchase.

3 - You’ll see how many have already been sold. Set total number available and the number remaining will automatically update.

4 - You can also set up a ‘number available’ message which Toggle will display automatically. Choose whether you want us to always show this message or when the number remaining drops below a certain amount. 

And that’s it! This gift experience will now be set to limit the number that can be sold.

What does a customer experience?

Number available

When you opt to show the number available or when the number remaining drops below the amount you’ve specified, Toggle will show an “X available” message on the gift experience like this:

Sold out gifts

When a gift has sold out, Toggle will show a “Sold Out” message like this:

What happens if a gift sells out while the customer is checking out? 

At busy times, if a customer is in the process of checking out and a gift sells out during the process, Toggle will stop them before their payment card is charged.

Can a customer add more items to their basket than are available?

No. Toggle won’t let a customer add more than the number available to their basket in one go.

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